The story behind ….

The King Coaching Team Thailand is the idea of three Thai people, Fone, Peony and Oab. The three friends meet the first time in 2018 during a course of NLP (Neuro-Lingusistic-Programming) in Bangkok in springtime.

The teacher of this professional course was ….

Fone, Peony and Oab had differential basics at the start in springtime, but all three had a virtual interest in mindsettings, backgrounds of thinking and behavior of human, the sources and the structures of the  subconsious mind.

By hindsight, this course in springtime was a milestone for the three coaches to decide, to work as a strong team together. With the full respect of this word KING and its significans, they create the brand „King Coaching Thailand„, KCT in the following.


Based on the doctrine and teaching in NLP, they start to install King Coaching sessions in different matters and topics, cohesive to the different skills of Fone, Peony and Oab.

In 2019, Coach Oab did decide, to go his own way. We say Thank you for our good collaboration and we wish him the very best for his future.

(Now here the skills …)

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